Past & Present Group Members

Current Group

Jon Slate – PI
Darren Hunter – NERC funded Postdoc
Jo Stonehouse – NERC funding (ACCE doctoral training partnership) PhD student
Jake Pepper – NERC funded PhD student
Mark Sutherland (starting Oct 2019) – NERC funded PhD student
De Chen – visiting researcher, China Scholarship Council


Independent research fellows
Jocelyn Poissant – Marie Curie fellow; now Assistant Prof at University of Calgary
Matt Robinson – NERC fellow; now Academic/Group Leader at University of Lausanne

Bilal Ashraf – now postdoc at University of Bristol
Anna Santure – now senior lecturer at University of Auckland
Jun-Mo Kim – now lecturer at National Institute of Animal Science, South Korea
Kang-Wook Kim – now postdoc at University of Sheffield
Isabelle de Cauwer – lecturer at University of Lille
Jessica Stapley – Marie Curie Fellow, now junior group leader at ETH Zurich
Philine Feulner – tenured group leader at EAWAG / University of Bern
Juan Galindo – postdoc at University of Vigo
Robert Ekblom – assistant Prof at Uppsala University
Deborah Johnson – became Assistant Prof at Castleton State College, Vermont
Jake Gratten – Head of Cognitive Health Genomics, Mater Research Institute, U. of Queensland
Melissa Gunn – scientist at FERA; now teaching fellow at University of Auckland
Gavin Hinten – co-founder Knowledge Brokering Group, Canberra, Australia

PhD Students
Sanad Alfadala (2015) – Assist. Prof. at Zoology Unit, PAAET (Kuwait)
Jenny Armstrong (2015) – Wildlife guide at Aigas Field Centre, Scotland
Emily Brown (2012) – postdoc at McGill University
Susan Johnston (2010) – Royal Society URF at University of Edinburgh
Jim Mossman (2008) – postdoc at Brown University
Matt Hale (2007) – Assistant Prof at Texas Christian University

Research Assistants and Technicians
Lola Brookes – PhD student at Institute of Zoology, London
Alex Ball – PhD at Univ. of Bath, now programme manager at Wildgenes (Edinburgh Zoo)
Katie Hartnup – PhD at Massey University, NZ; now research funding officer at Royal Botanical Gradens, Kew
Andrew Levison – studied medicine and now a GP
Rachel Tucker – Senior Research Technician, Dept. Animal & Plant Sciences, U of Sheffield