We are evolutionary geneticists who study (mostly) wild populations. We apply whole genome sequencing and SNP genotyping to understand the architecture and maintenance of genetic variation. Much of the work is done in collaboration with ecologists who collect individual-based life history and morphological data, sometimes in field systems that have been the focus of decades of research.

We are part of the Molecular Ecology Lab in Sheffield, although most of our work is statistical/analytical rather than wetlab. More generally, the Department of Animal & Plant Sciences is a great place for evolutionary genomics, housing the groups of Terry Burke, Roger Butlin, Nicola Nadeau, Patrik Nosil, Rhonda Snook and Kai Zeng


Study Systems

We work on the Soay sheep of St Kilda – project info here, mostly in collaboration with Josephine Pemberton and her group in Edinburgh.

We study the great tit population at Wytham Woods, Oxford. The project is run by Ben Sheldon, and we also collaborate on great tit ecological genomics with Kai Zeng (Sheffield), Marcel Visser (Netherlands Institute of Ecology) and Martien Groenen (Wageningen University). Jon coordinates the great tit HapMap project which includes samples from over 20 populations across the species distribution.

In Sheffield, we work on the genetics of sperm variation in a long-term (maintained for >20 years) aviary population of zebra finches that was established by Tim Birkhead. Terry Burke also collaborates on this project.

Finally, we work with Tom Tregenza (Exeter, Falmouth Campus) on his Wild Crickets project.


Example publications

K van Oers*, AW Santure*, I De Cauwer*, NEM van Bers, RPMA Crooijmans BC Sheldon, ME Visser, J Slate & MAM Groenen (2014). Replicated high-density genetic maps of two great tit populations reveal fine-scale genomic departures from sex-equal recombination rates. Heredity 112: 307-316
* Joint first authors
SE Johnston, J Gratten, C Berenos, JG Pilkington, TH Clutton-Brock, JM Pemberton & J Slate (2013) Life history trade-offs at a single locus maintain sexually selected genetic variation. Nature 502: 93-95
AW Santure*, I De Cauwer*, MR Robinson, J Poissant, BC Sheldon & J Slate (2013) Genomic dissection of variation in clutch size and egg mass in a wild great tit (Parus major) population. Molecular Ecology 22: 3949-3962
J Slate (2013). From Beavis to Beak Colour: A simulation study to examine how much QTL mapping can reveal about the genetic architecture of quantitative traits. Evolution 67: 1251-1262
R Rodríguez-Muñoz, A Bretman, J Slate, CA Walling & T Tregenza (2010). Natural and sexual selection in a wild insect population. Science 328: 1269-1272
WC Warren, DF Clayton, H Ellegren, AP Arnold & 56 others, J Stapley, J Slate, R Ekblom, T Birkhead, T Burke & 17 Others (2010) The genome of a songbird. Nature 464: 757-762
J Gratten, AJ Wilson, AF McRae, D Beraldi, PM Visscher, JM Pemberton and J Slate (2008) A localized negative genetic correlation constrains microevolution of coat color in wild sheep. Science 319:318-320






Professor Jon Slate
Department of Animal & Plant Sciences
University of Sheffield
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